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We integrate with the most popular marketplaces


  • Amazon, US and International
  • Shopify
  • ShipStation
  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Square
  • Stripe
  • QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks Desktop editions
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With Connex Reporting You Will Increase Your Profits in Several Ways

  • Use AI and forecasting to reach your financial goals faster
  • Focus on products and marketplaces that are profitable, and eliminate losses
  • Clear out old inventory, or products that are refunded frequently, and replace with best-sellers


Free Yourself From Manual Data Entry into QuickBooks Online or Desktop

  • Save thousands of dollars in payroll costs
  • Integrate popular ecommerce channels and ShipStation with QuickBooks
  • Automate two-way inventory sync for Shopify
  • Automate deposit matching with Amazon, Shopify, Stripe, and Square
Simplify your workflow

All your integrations on one dashboard

With Connex you have everything in one place:  ecommerce reports, shipping tools and your QuickBooks integration. Our motto is: simplify and grow!
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"Overall, Connex has saved our company thousands of hours and we wouldn’t be able to survive without it! The software pays for itself since we were manually processing all our website and Amazon orders into Quickbooks. Now with it automated, we no longer have any accounting errors! I highly recommend this for anyone who does a large number of Amazon or Shopify orders! 100% worth every penny"
Conrad Martin
Conrad MartinDirector of Customer Service, Breeo
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