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Hi there, I am Joseph Anderson, Founder of Connex Ecommerce, and author of the $20 SaaS Company: From Zero to Seven Figures Without Venture Capital which details my journey of starting from nothing to a massively successful business without outside funding. 

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • “What do I need to do to get my business to the next level?”
  • “Does my paid advertising actually get me new sales?”
  • “Should I be selling on more marketplaces?”
  • “How can I reduce my taxes?”
  • “How can I create a business that runs itself so I can go on vacation?”

If you so, you are in the right place. Whether your e-commerce business is in the early stages or you have been in business for several years, we can help you. 


As a business owner, I understand how important it is to reduce expenses. With Connex Reporting, we help businesses to:

  • Stop selling on marketplaces that are losing money
  • Eliminate products that are not profitable
  • Increase tax deductions and reduce taxes
  • Eliminate manual data entry and cut down on payroll costs
  • Automate bookkeeping and generate the right reports

Our customers have used our automations to grow their revenues by 2 or even 10-fold, without a significant increase in their expenses. 


We are fully US-based and our automations will help you to:

  • Assess which products/marketplaces are profitable and which ones are losing money
  • Evaluate whether if your advertising has a good return on investment
  • Eliminate the hassles of manual data entry
  • Process and ship orders more quickly
  • Free up your resources to create a loyal customer base

If you're ready to get started, click the button below to contact our team. 

“The Connex Rules Engine makes it easy to map our order types. Connex is also user-friendly with the set-up, and support is always helpful. The Connex Team has also been great when there are some advanced sync issues.” 
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Allie Wightman COO, Fair Harbor