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Easily Grow Your Business
With The Right Reports

Use Connex Reporting to swiftly generate the right reports and increase profits for your ecommerce business.

Powerful Tools for eCommerce

As a business owner, you need to make decisions quickly. Connex delivers key business financial insight to your fingertips so you can make the right decisions on how to maximize sales profits and return on advertising investments.

We integrate with the most popular ecommerce marketplaces

We are the only provider that combines a multi-channel ecommerce to QuickBooks integration with a state of the art analytics tool.

Wondering whether you should sell on multiple ecommerce solutions? Connex Reporting will show you things such as which regions your revenue comes from, monthly sales projections from all your stores, and AI generated simulations based on your annual sales goals.

If you combine Connex for QuickBooks with Connex Reporting, you will save hundreds of hours year by not having to hand enter sales, save on advertising by targeting the correct audience, and potentially save thousands of dollars on taxes. 

Quickly generate reports that help you grow

Get better insight on your sales

Connex Reporting allows you to pull in sales data from all of your marketplaces and evaluate which products are selling best across all platforms, so you can get evaluate what works best for your business.

Automate your bookkeeping

Connex for QuickBooks is the most comprehensive QuickBooks automation on the market. Easily process large sales volumes without manual data entry. 
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Simplify your workflow

All your integrations on one dashboard

With Connex you have everything in one place:  ecommerce reports, shipping tools and your a fully automated QuickBooks integration.
"Overall, Connex has saved our company thousands of hours and we wouldn’t be able to survive without it! The software pays for itself since we were manually processing all our website and Amazon orders into Quickbooks. Now with it automated, we no longer have any accounting errors! I highly recommend this for anyone who does a large number of Amazon or Shopify orders! 100% worth every penny"
Conrad Martin
Conrad Martin Director of Customer Service, Breeo
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