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Testimonials from our customers

Plus Plus USA

"We were looking for ways to touch Quick- Books less and less. With Connex we have been able to speed up the process of communication between our sales team and our warehouse, and improve our cashflow. We can also seamlessly send information between ShipStation and QuickBooks." -Ryan Hamilton, Director of Operations, Plus-Plus USA


The Bridal Outlet

"I did research after research. Once I came across ShipStation and found that Connex could connect all parts of my workflow, the puzzle finally came together. It’s a domino-effect. Once my job became easier, the pressure has been taken off other people as well. Connex just works and I don’t have to think about it. With Connex, the door opened up for the full ecommerce experience." - Mitch Hollander, Vice President


Fair Harbor

“It is easy to map our order types. Connex is also user-friendly with the set-up, and support is always helpful. The Connex Team has also been great when needed” - Allie Wightman, COO

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Loaded Boards

"Loaded Boards has been using Connex since 2015. It has greatly streamlined our processes and runs seamlessly.  We're big fans and recommend Connex highly to anyone using Quickbooks Enterprise and one or numerous channels." -Don Tashman, Founder and CEO 

Simply Organic

"Really glad that we selected this app to sync Shopify with QuickBooks Online. Works seamlessly, and VERY helpful support staff. What I personally really appreciate is the level of customer service provided. They are easy to reach, and very patient with people like me who are new at needing to keep track of online sales." - Scott Mitchell, CEO


Embach Solutions

"Our main reason for using Connex was to save time from doing manual data entry. It worked really well for my client, Chinook Farms, so I recommended it to Bare Bones Broth. Once we had Connex running, operations at Bare Bones went much more smoothly. Connex takes only a few hours to set up and run. My favorite part is that it takes care of all the manual work and captures all the important details for accounting." - 

Emily Imbach, Founder

True Ames Surf Fins

"We are stoked on Connex and what it provides. It is mission-critical to have invoices and inventory integrated between Shopify and QuickBooks, and Connex gets it done! This was a solid upgrade from our previous Shopify to Quickbooks Desktop tool. Mostly because of the scheduler and ability to run the connection automatically. There were some other upgraded perks, but we’d hoped for such because we were increasing our spend by a good 2x for it." - Troy Mothershead, Director of Planning and Business Development


Liberty Skis

"Your product allowing us to keep our Shopify store and QBO accounts, sales & inventory all properly synced continues to be a real help and appreciated value. As well, I would also like to say – as we are a small and not terribly tech-savvy team – your customer service and troubleshooting on the rare occasions we have needed it – has been exemplary." - James Satloff, CEO

Bare Bones Broth

"I love that Connex is flexible, customizable, and reliable. It just works, so I don’t ever have to think about syncing my inventory and sales orders from Shopify to QuickBooks. It seems like my accounting team has infinite options for tailoring the connector to our specific needs." -Kate Harvey, Founder


First Scout.tv

"We love Connex because it’s very hands-off. Matching deposits is a huge feature, and being able to do this properly is amazing! Financial visibility is incredibly important for us as a small business and being able to see this in real-time is a bonus. We plan on using Connex for years to come while we grow our business!" - Jon Chastney, CEO and Co-Founder

Point One International

"When making business decisions, I had to keep in mind that my cost of goods sold (COGS) was different on different sales channels. Keeping the books up to date would have been impossible to do without Connex." - Joe Petruziello, Founder
Seller on Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce



Honey Girl Hawaii

"I depend on this software. I only have to keep my QB inventory up to date and it’s nice that my website will display accurate inventory. In the past, I have had to update both my QB and my Website. It would take hours a week. Connex saves time by automatically updating inventory and importing orders into QuickBooks." - Louisa Ngum, CEO

American Petroleum Services

“Before Connex, we had to manually enter all our orders from QuickBooks, which was very tedious and prone to human mistakes. Also, one very neat feature that Connex offers that for some reason is not available in QuickBooks is to build assembly items when they shipped. In order to do this in QB, you have to manually build the assembly. We are extremely happy with Connex and we are in the process of finishing our online store, which we will be also using Connex to integrate. Connex streamlined our full operation & saved countless hours!” - Jose Doimeadios, Director Of Ecommerce


The Sound Parcel

"Sync with Connex has been a huge time-saver for us. Having our financial automated is invaluable! What I like most about Connex is their Rules Engine and the flexibility they provide in running my business." - Dave Lavigna, Founder




"Overall, Connex has saved our company thousands of hours and we wouldn’t be able to survive without it! The software pays for itself since we were manually processing all our website and Amazon orders into Quickbooks. Now with it automated, we no longer have any accounting errors! I highly recommend this for anyone who does a large number of Amazon or Shopify orders! 100% worth every penny!" - Conrad Martin, Director of Customer Service




"Connex is handling our setup very well with literally no issues (that aren’t self inflicted); we anticipate over 10000 transactions per year. The rules engine is quite powerful, everything from warehouse assignments to dealer name mapping to sku mapping to sales tax management. Support has been responsive. It’s easy to troubleshoot setup issues. It was relatively straightforward to confirm (prior to purchase) how the systems architecture could work, very few surprises once I dove in to get it going, and although I’ve spent a good amount of time getting it right, once should expect to be diligent and take the time to do it right — this software responds well and does exactly what you need it to do. What more can you ask?" - Mark Carpenter, Founder


 CFS, Products Inc.  

"Thank you for your continued support of the CONNEX product. As our business has been growing, and transaction volume increasing, Connex has not given us one hiccup!Once again, thank you for the wonderful product and support!" - Alex Esnaola, CFS, Products Inc.  



Soap & Paper Factory


"We had no way to communicate QuickBooks with ShipStation. Now Connex has bridged the gap between all of Soap and Paper Factory’s outsourced locations. Connex has totally changed our world. We are moving to Amazon, and because of Connex we can!" - Shannon Burch, Co-founder,


 Bordertown Farms


"Having one solution that connects with our BigCommerce platform and QuickBooks was great! We have a very strict inventory list and Connex was just the smoothest product out there that was functional and easy to use." -Hilary Famolare, CEO and Owner