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Save Rite

CEO of Save Rite Medical, Marc Kaplan, saw a need in the home care industry. Identifying a niche in the market, Marc began building a successful business. However, with success comes a lot of orders to manually enter. Marc needed to find a solution.



Working for his mom in the home healthcare field, Marc Kaplan saw a niche that needed ot be filled - getting supplies delievered directly to customers homes. Kaplan’s vision was to be so much more than the standard drop ship company: “We know our products, If you order from another company, they are just drop ship stores, we make it personal!” By making the experience personal, this resulted in success for Save Rite Medical; with high success comes heavy order volume that will need to be hand entered. A daunting task for Save Rite Medical.


As Save Rite Medical’s business grew, so did the hours of manual order entry. It was becoming an overwhelming task: “We would have needed a couple of people to enter orders, we get 160-180 a day it would have been countless hours.” Mark Kaplan knew he needed to find a solution to keep up with his scaling business; but where should he start? “We did not track orders at all, it was a guessing game.”



By searching Google, Kaplan found Connex; not wanting to jump the gun he continued his research and, “Found a forum where other users were talking about Connex, it sounded like a good software.” As a result, Mark Kaplan felt confident- Connex was going to be a fit for Save Rite Medical’s needs. “Connex was one of the first solutions that I looked at; I just had a good feeling. Joe appeared and helped me, got everything running. He made customization for me, it streamlined everything.”



For the past 3 years, Save Rite has saved hundrends of hours syncing with Connex. Furthermore, after implementing Connex Kaplan saw improvements all over his business, “Increased profits, we saw a where we were losing money and were able to fix it.” In addition to finding where his business was losing money, Kaplan achieved freedom from human error as well as data entry. “The truth is, this software is very important to us, we could not function without it.”

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