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Added value for your ecommerce clients 

Our powerful Rules Engine is the only automation on the market that lets merchants customize how they bring data from their marketplaces into  QuickBooks Online or Desktop editions. 

We offer 10-20% referral fees for you, and added value to your clients, especially if they sell on multiple marketplaces. The Rules Engine makes it easy to sync all the data into QuickBooks with rules that your clients get to set. 

We help dropshipers streamline their process.  

Connex synchronizes orders with your client's shipping solution, ensuring prompt delivery. It's dropshipping made straightforward, giving your clients more time to focus on your customers and business growth.

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Connex has been a huge time-saver for us. Having our financial automated is invaluable."

Dave Lavigna, Founder, Sound Parcel

Partnerships are a win-win

See for yourself how Connex for QuickBooks can revolutionize your clients' accounting workflow and give you more revenue. 

Connex makes it possible to:

  • Customize our automation to your clients' business
  • Automatically match deposits saving your clients hundreds of hours
  • Easily sync large order volumes, simplifying flash sales

Discover why Connex is the most accurate QuickBooks automation  

  • Automatically connect QuickBooks to multiple marketplaces
  • Customize field mapping to QuickBooks
  • You can discontinue products and marketplaces that are not profitable

Grow profits with the Connex Inventory Planner

  • Maximize sales of bestsellers without overstocking
  • Make financially informed decisions about which products to discontinue
  • Consolidate all marketplaces into one intuitive dashboard


Why partner with Connex Ecommerce?

Trusted by Leading Integration Partners: With a proven track record and endorsements from reputable integration partners, including ShipStation, Shopify, and Amazon among others, Connex Ecommerce stands as a trusted solution in the e-commerce ecosystem. 

Cutting-Edge Features: Our platform boasts class-leading features, including a powerful Rules Engine, two-way sync capabilities, robust data and analytics tools, and seamless integrations with the most popular sales channels and marketplaces. Coupled with a user-friendly interface, Connex Ecommerce offers enterprise-grade functionalities with a 100% money-back guarantee. 

What are the benefits of a partnership with Connex?

When you partner with Connex everyone wins. Your clients get added value from our products and you get a referral fee. In fact, some of our partners have been able to increase their sales due to their partnership with Connex. 

Can you tell me about the benefits of using Connex for QuickBooks?

Absolutely! Connex for QuickBooks offers several key benefits:

  • Automated Accounting Tasks: It simplifies e-commerce management by automating crucial accounting tasks, thereby saving you time and effort.
  • Accuracy and Efficiency: By automating accounting tasks, it reduces the risk of human error, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of your accounting processes.
  • Comprehensive Business Overview: Provides a unified view of your e-commerce and QuickBooks data, facilitating informed decision-making and increased profitability.
  • Cost Reduction: Helps in cutting costs by automating accounting tasks and minimizing errors.
What are the different tiers of partnerships and how much is the referral fee?


Partner Program Tiers: 

Reseller/VAR/MSP: If your core business involves reselling services or providing advanced managed services, our Reseller/VAR/MSP program is tailored for you. Depending on your sales volume, earn commission rates ranging from 10% to 20% of the annual agreement's first-year sale. Additionally, certified partners have the option of either reselling our program of training, implementation/onboarding, and managed services, or at the discretion of Connex Ecommerce the reseller may at their prevailing rate offer training, and managed services, ensuring a seamless experience for clients.  

Commissions are earned by the number of customers closed per month based upon annual agreement signed.   

Tier 1:  0-10 Customers per month 

10% of the annual sale first year, payable after 90 days upon payment in full by end user customer.  

Tier 2: 11-20 Customers per month 

15% of the annual sale first year, payable after 90 days upon payment in full by end user customer. 

Tier 3:  21+ Customers per month 

20% of the annual sale first year, payable after 90 days upon payment in full by end user customer. 


Connex Ecommerce Partners have the option to resell training, implementation, and managed services. 

Certified Connex Ecommerce Partners will have the flexibility to either resell or create their own onboarding, training and their own managed services options to at their billable or managed services rates independently of Connex Ecommerce. Certified Partner’s will be denoted in our partner portal as having extensive training and capabilities to resell and  best support clients. 

What is Connex for QuickBooks?

Connex for QuickBooks is a comprehensive cloud-based integration solution that links QuickBooks Online or Desktop with major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, and more, including ShipStation. It automates the synchronization of orders, inventory, customers, and products, streamlining e-commerce management and saving valuable time.

What is the Connex Inventory Planner?

The Connex Inventory Planner is a data analytics tools for ecommerce businesses selling on Shopify, Amazon, ShipStation, and other popular marketplaces. It provides a dashboard and actionable items for your clients to help them manage their inventory and maximize sales from their bestsellers without overstocking. 

What are next steps if you want to partner with Connex?

Please contact our sales team:

Our hours are M-F 9 am - 7pm EST. Please contact us at: (781) 330-0737 ext 3, email us at, or click here to schedule a demo.  

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