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Overcome Data Mismatch Challenges with the Rules Engine

The Connex Rules Engine solves a pivotal e-commerce problem by enabling custom field mapping between Shopify and QuickBooks. It allows for detailed tracking, such as monitoring the revenue generated by individual sales reps or analyzing product performance across marketplaces.

This level of customization and precision provides the actionable insights needed for businesses to thrive, without the hassle of manual data manipulation.

Seamlessly Eliminate Data Discrepancies with 2-Way Sync

Streamline your operations with our 2-Way Sync, ensuring data flows flawlessly between QuickBooks and sales channels. This vital feature maintains accurate inventory, order statuses, and financials, enhancing your operational confidence and precision..

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Uncover Hidden Costs and Maximize Profits with Connex's Amazon Analytics

Connex's Amazon Analytics feature delves into critical sales insights, offering a detailed analysis of fees and income percentages. This in-depth understanding has been crucial in saving businesses substantial amounts by uncovering hidden costs such as higher Amazon fees.

It's a transformative tool that turns insights into profitable strategies, particularly for those unknowingly losing money on Amazon.

Effortlessly Integrate Sales Channels for Efficiency

Connex simplifies multichannel e-commerce by seamlessly integrating platforms like QuickBooks, ShipStation, and more into one unified solution. No more juggling multiple systems; Connex ensures better data, reduced hassle, and streamlined operations, so you can focus on growing your business with ease.

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Discover more features

Our goal is to give you back the gift of time, reduce operational burdens, and provide you with the resources you need so you can focus on what truly matters.

Additional features include:

  • Inventory Alerts
  • Refunds Dashboard

Get the full picture of your
ecommerce sales and inventory