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Match Deposits with Ease

Connex can automatically download sales from the selling channel and match them to payouts. No more finding sales in QuickBooks and adding merchant fees manually.

Connex has saved our company
 thousands of hours, and we
wouldn't be able to survive
without it! 100% worth every

Conrad Martin, BREEO

Discover the ease of Connex

Dive into our demo account and see for yourself how Connex for QuickBooks can revolutionize your accounting workflow.

Explore features like:

  • Customize our automation to your business
  • Automatically match deposits
  • Easily sync large order volumes

Make Reconciling Orders From Multiple Payment Processors a Breeze

Using the Connex for QuickBooks rules engine, Connex can group sales into different asset accounts. This is ideal for clients who use multiple selling channels or multiple payment processors. Connex can group sales into an Amazon, PayPal, and a credit card holding account.

Easily Summarize Data and Track Inventory in QuickBooks

No more journal entries! Connex can create a summary sale in QuickBooks that groups by selling channel and SKU. Easily summarize your data while using QuickBooks to manage inventory.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about Connex for QuickBooks.

What is Connex for QuickBooks?

Connex for QuickBooks is a comprehensive cloud-based integration solution that links QuickBooks Online or Desktop with major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, and more, including ShipStation. It automates the synchronization of orders, inventory, customers, and products, streamlining e-commerce management and saving valuable time.

Can you tell me about the benefits of using Connex for QuickBooks?

Absolutely! Connex for QuickBooks offers several key benefits:

  • Automated Accounting Tasks: It simplifies e-commerce management by automating crucial accounting tasks, thereby saving you time and effort.
  • Accuracy and Efficiency: By automating accounting tasks, it reduces the risk of human error, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of your accounting processes.
  • Comprehensive Business Overview: Provides a unified view of your e-commerce and QuickBooks data, facilitating informed decision-making and increased profitability.
  • Cost Reduction: Helps in cutting costs by automating accounting tasks and minimizing errors.
How does Connex for QuickBooks work?

Connex for QuickBooks works by connecting your e-commerce platform with QuickBooks Desktop & Online using APIs, allowing for automatic data synchronization and ensuring your accounting information is always current and accurate.

What types of data can I sync with Connex for QuickBooks?

With Connex for QuickBooks, you can sync a variety of data, including orders, inventory, customers, products, shipping labels, and payments.

How can I automate my accounting tasks using Connex for QuickBooks?

To automate your accounting tasks with Connex for QuickBooks, connect your e-commerce platform to QuickBooks Desktop & Online. Choose the tasks you want to automate, and set a schedule. Connex for QuickBooks will efficiently handle these tasks for you.

Is it possible to reconcile my bank accounts with Connex for QuickBooks?

Yes, reconciling your bank accounts is possible with Connex for QuickBooks. Connect your bank accounts to the system, select the accounts you wish to reconcile, and Connex for QuickBooks will automatically handle the reconciliation, providing you with a detailed report.

How can I generate financial reports using Connex for QuickBooks?

Generating financial reports is easy with Connex for QuickBooks. Simply select the type of report you need, input the necessary parameters, and the system will generate a comprehensive financial report for you.

What are the benefits of managing my inventory with Connex for QuickBooks?

Connex for QuickBooks enhances inventory management by tracking stock levels, forecasting demand, and generating reorder points, helping you avoid overstocking or understocking and ensuring customer satisfaction.

How can I optimize my inventory levels with Connex for QuickBooks?

To optimize inventory levels, connect your e-commerce platform to Connex for QuickBooks and select the inventory items you wish to optimize. The system will then forecast demand and recommend the most effective inventory levels.

How can I reduce my inventory costs using Connex for QuickBooks?

Reducing inventory costs with Connex for QuickBooks involves linking your e-commerce platform to the system, selecting inventory items for cost reduction, and letting the system analyze sales data to identify cost-saving opportunities.

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