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With a need for speed, Go Fast Solutions needed to automate all sides of the business from transactions to shiping and Connex was there to link it all together.



Go Fast Solutions has been in business for 15 years selling mobile electronics, racing parts, power sports & accessories. According to Chris Hart, owner of Go Fast Solutions, at it’s core it is a technology-driven business. “I come from an IT background from small business or large scale; I wanted to take everything I knew and do something on my own. I started this company to be tech driven and efficient.” In 2019, Go Fast Solutions really began to boom and it was time to add a new piece of technology to help keep up with their ever growing orders and countless hours spent on manual entry.


2019 brought a lot of success and growth to Go Fast Solutions with hours spent manually entering orders, data entry into QuickBooks began to pile up. Chris Hart did not want to continue to spend company time manually entering orders and updating shipping information. “We [are] tech people, [we] are way too lazy; manual entry was not an option,” said Chris. Go Fast Solutions has many moving parts and needed to 􀃶nd an automated way of keeping track of their orders and shipments. Chris remarked, “We needed to keep track on a transaction level for shipping and accounting; life experience talks. I kept saying...’There has to be a better way’.”



When Chris Hart found Connex through a Google search, he knew it was a at right away, “For our needs you guys [Connex] are it.” Furthermore, Chris knew it was going to be at when he was able to connect with Michelle of the Connex Customer Success team. ”Michelle was nice enough to hop on the phone for about an hour. She was willing to jump in and give me her time. Making her instrumental.” In addition, Chris Hart build a strong partnership with the staff at Connex making him comfortable if he ever needed help or an adjustment. “As soon as you need a tweek, Connex is receptive to it; it’s like, yep we choose the right comapny. “



Go Fast Solutions has been using Connex for more than six months and the results are in: his account has been highly customized to meet Go Fast Solutions’ diverse needs. “Connex helps us plan, organize, communicate and analyze. It enables the rest of the business. [The Connex team]...has it invoicing; it is so much more than order syncing.” Finally, Connex has helped Go Fast Solutions reduce costs. “People spend less time... manually invoicing; no more math on a calculator.


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