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Bare Bones Broth

Bone broth has been gaining popularity for years due to its numerous health benefits. The husband and wife team, Ryan and Katherine Harvey, decided to make their homemade bone broths available to the market, but they needed help with scaling their business and having sufficient inventory in stock for the rising demand of their successful products. 



Husband and wife team Ryan and Katherine Harvey founded Bare Bones Broth in 2014 to make organic bone broth available to the public. As a busy chef, Ryan Harvey sometimes had no time to cook for himself, and drank stock or bone broth from his restaurant to stay healthy. Although bone broth has numerous health benefits, it can take up to 24 hours of cooking and is not practical for most people. When Bare Bones Broth was born, its mission was to bring the nourishment from bone broth to the dinner table without the time cost of preparation.



The Harveys started Bare Bones Broth in their own kitchen, and they initially hired someone to manually enter data from sales on Shopify into QuickBooks Enterprise. This process was time-consuming and error prone. There were times when Katherine and Ryan had to go for a week without their books. Without their financial  information readily available, it was challenging to make business decisions about their inventory, marketing, and partnerships.



 Connex helped Bare Bones Broth to automate data entry for their sales and inventory from Shopify to QuickBooks. The company has a come a long way since their humble beginnings of preparing bone broth in their own kitchen. Most of their revenue is from Wholesale, and their products are sold in major chains such as Wegman’s and Whole Foods. They still maintain their Shopify store for individual consumers who are looking for a healthy alternative to processed soups and broths.



Within a year after implementing Connex, their online sales grew by 30 percent. Katherine said: “I love that Connex is flexible, customizable, and reliable. It just works, so I don’t ever have to think about syncing my inventory and sales orders from Shopify to Quickbooks. I'm not sure if we would still be selling if we didn’t have this tool."


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