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Transforming E-Commerce Challenges into Opportunities: The Journey of Craft Closet and Emergency Zone


One of the best ways to get inspiration and knowledge is to follow the stories of other successful e-commerce entrepreneurs. 

Emergency ZoneOne such story is that of Dr. Kurt Mayberry, an emergency medicine physician with two successful e-commerce businesses. Emergency Zone is one of the most prominent names in emergency preparedness kits. His other company, Craft Closet, sells laser-safe materials for the laser craft community.

Both businesses faced initial growth challenges, and that’s where Connex came into the picture. Emergency Zone and Craft Closet are prime examples of how Connex Ecommerce not only champions but also actively contributes to its clients' growth. 

As we celebrate the remarkable achievements of Craft Closet and Emergency Zone, this blog unfolds the story of how, together with Connex, these businesses have navigated the digital realm to scale up and achieve unprecedented success. Join us in exploring this journey of transformation and growth, a testament to the power of partnership and innovation in the e-commerce space.


The Challenges of Growing an E-commerce Business

Established in 2007, Emergency Zone started as a small local business in a garage in Idaho, but it is now a leader in emergency preparedness kits. Also established in 2007, Craft Closet has an impressive catalog of products and features resources, like tutorials, videos, and materials, to guide the community. 

The two e-commerce powerhouses exemplify the quintessential small business success story. However, after eight years, Emergency Zone and Craft Closet reached a crucial phase as they grappled with digital complexities. Their expansion brought forth several challenges:

  • Keeping pace with rapidly growing customer expectations became increasingly demanding.
  • Managing sales across various online platforms presented a logistical puzzle.
  • Aligning stock levels with real-time sales data across platforms posed a significant hurdle.
  • The sheer volume of data from sales, customer interactions, and inventory needed efficient processing.
  • Manually entering orders into QuickBooks became time-consuming.

These challenges marked a turning point, highlighting that automation and efficient digital management were not only beneficial but necessary for sustainable growth. That’s when Kurt came across Connex. 


“Connex just runs in the background. If we had to do all this data entry manually, it would be way too much work.”


How Kurt Streamlined His Operations 

Kurt started using Connex as soon as he needed to automate data entry. He found it to be a transformative force for Emergency Zone and Craft Closet because it helped streamline the operations and the process of managing sales across multiple online platforms. The businesses could process large volumes without any manual data entry, which increased productivity and let Kurt’s team focus on other crucial aspects and future pursuits instead of putting their precious time into mundane tasks. 

Craft Closet (1)Further, they could seamlessly integrate sales data, customer information, and inventory levels by connecting QuickBooks Enterprise and Amazon, Shopify, and ShipStation. For customer-focused businesses like Emergency Zone and Craft Closet, better data led to better and faster customer service.

Kurt chose Connex because it provided the tools and automation necessary for managing sales and data through a user-friendly interface that was easy for his team to learn.


“The setup was very easy; we just did it in one afternoon. We haven’t had any issues along the way.”


The Road Ahead

Kurt finds Connex to be an instrumental force in his expansion plans for the businesses. “Connex makes it really easy for us to grow and expand to new channels because it allows us to consolidate multiple selling channels through ShipStation and sync all the sales to QuickBooks,” he said. 

In addition to ShipStation, Kurt can integrate QuickBooks Online as well as QuickBooks Desktop editions with the most popular marketplaces, including Amazon (US and International), Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Square, and Stripe.

Through Connex, Kurt can:

  • Reduce payroll costs
  • Automate two-way inventory sync and deposit matching for Shopify, Amazon, Square, and Stripe. 
  • Forecast inventory needs and reduce oversells and overstock.
  • Maximize profits from best-selling products and marketplaces.
  • Increase tax deductions and reduce tax.
  • Optimize overall operations with a simplified order workflow.
  • Make two different product offerings profitable and stay that way. 

Emergency Zone and Craft Closet intend to stay ahead of the digital curve to ensure they are well-equipped to handle future challenges and opportunities.



The evolution of Emergency Zone and Craft Closet highlights the transformative power of technology in business. Their journey from humble beginnings to e-commerce leaders showcases how embracing digital platforms like Connex can propel growth and efficiency. Digital tools play a pivotal role in streamlining operations, enhancing customer service, and enabling scalability.

Kurt’s story is a powerful reminder that, with the right digital arsenal, businesses can not only overcome challenges but also thrive and set new benchmarks in their industries.

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