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Brooklen PorterMay 21, 2024 12:34:42 PM5 min read

Vacation Worry-Free: How Connex Ecommerce Analytics Ensures Your Business Thrives in Your Absence

Are you putting off vacation because you're worried about managing your business while ...
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Dora FarkasMay 15, 2024 3:21:55 PM6 min read

The Power of Data: How Connex Ecommerce Analytics Can Drive Business Growth

Attention, ecommerce business owners and managers! Are you feeling the pressure of ...
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Brooklen PorterMay 15, 2024 11:14:27 AM4 min read

How Connex Enhances Efficiency with eCommerce Automation

The key to staying ahead of the competition lies in adopting innovative solutions that ...
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Brooklen PorterMay 6, 2024 4:09:20 PM5 min read

How the Connex Ecommerce App Helps You to Boost Your Wholesale From Your Phone and Increase Profitability

Hey there, fellow wholesalers! Let's talk shop. We all know that running an e-commerce ...
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Brooklen PorterApr 29, 2024 1:58:40 PM5 min read

Rebranding the Connex Inventory Planner to Connex Ecommerce Analytics

What if you could streamline all your selling channels into one convenient hub? With ...
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Brooklen PorterApr 18, 2024 3:24:35 PM4 min read

Simplifying Multi-Channel Selling: Overcoming the Challenges with Connex Ecommerce

Expanding your business across multiple marketplaces holds the promise of increased ...
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Brooklen PorterApr 8, 2024 1:50:50 PM7 min read

The Lean Entrepreneur's Guide to Building Your Dream Team: A Blueprint for E-commerce Success

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, your team stands as a cornerstone of success. Crafting a ...
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Brooklen PorterMar 19, 2024 11:11:01 AM5 min read

Revolutionizing Amazon Success with Connex eCommerce

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, Amazon stands as a key player offering vast ...
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Brooklen PorterFeb 26, 2024 2:54:59 PM5 min read

How Connex Centralizes Inventory Planning and Analytics into One Dashboard

In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, the seamless management of e-commerce inventory ...
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Dora FarkasOct 25, 2023 2:18:31 PM5 min read

Why You Need the New Connex Inventory Planner

The New Connex Inventory Planner
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